• "It's not my responsibility to be beautiful. I'm not alive for that purpose. My existence is not about how desirable you find me."

    - Warsan Shire

  • About Me

    Feminist. Christian. Improvisor. Bad bowler.

    As a kid there were two things I promised myself I would never be, because they looked incredibly boring: a writer, and a pastor. I am both, and they are not. I believe in the power of speaking the truth in love, and if that doesn't work, speaking the truth a lot louder. BFAs in Religious Studies and Television, Film and Music Production, 2004; Masters of Divinity, 2013.

  • Work

    Salon, a book, and the blog that started it all

    Extreme Modesty

    As a first-year seminary student, I was inspired by covered Muslim women. They said the hijab made them free. I designed an experiment: for nine months, I covered my hair, arms and legs and stopped wearing makeup. The result changed the way I viewed beauty, power, and faith.

    Surprise! Published

    I summarized the Experiment in an article and, much to my delight, it was accepted to Salon. I was not prepared for the blowback, like the articles on Jezebel and XOJane. However others, like Yahoo, dug the whole thing.

    Upcoming Book

    Beacon Press, The Beauty Suit, November 2017

    There's so much to be said about beauty, religion, and feminism, and how they do--or don't--work in tandem. The Beauty Suit is about my nine month modesty experiment, but it's also about the insufficient nature of power-as-sexiness, the version of "feminism" for which too many of us have settled.

    Surprise! Pastor

    While I finish the book, I've been asked to serve as "Bridge Pastor" for my church, meaning I'm running things while we decide where to go next as a community. Yes, I have the degree. If you want to hear me speak, go to Sermons.

    Surprise! Opinions

    When I feel like I need to weigh in, here's where I go.

  • Contact

    Trying to whittle down the ways people can contact me directly (I sometimes miss messages with sixty-seven email accounts), so if you want to schedule me for an interview or guest spot, please contact my publicist, Perpetua Charles at Beacon Press, below.